Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sharia in Britain

The Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of Britain's twist of Christianity)

says Sharia should be introduced for Muslims in Britain.

Who would be responsible for interpreting Sharia law? Would they be elected?

What would happen if a Sharia law conflicted with British common law?

Would a Shia, for example, come under the jurisdiction of Sunni laws? Would an Indonesian Muslim be subject to a Pakistani interpretation of Islam?

If Sharia law is such an inevitability for Muslims in Britain, why hasn't Sharia been introduced for Muslims in Indonesia? The country with the world's largest Muslim population and a democracy.


oigal said...

That;s a joke picture right? Sheesh would you trust that with your kids?

Finally Woken said...

I think there's has been attempt(s) on applying or including sharia law in our national law. The first time was in 1945 but Soekarno rejected the idea, as he had a big dream of uniting all ideologies.

But this is certainly different from trying to apply sharia law in Britain. If they want to have sharia law applied, the should move somewhere else. Being a moslem, I myself find this idea hilarious.

johnorford said...

i know sharia's been implemented in places in indonesia, but i also reckon it's prob non-constitutional (okok, have never read any of the indonesian constition, but mehhh! :)).

some are now saying that the archbishop meant to imply that he wanted some form of non-binding form of sharia law. well what's the use of that then?


Finally Woken said...

I thought only Aceh has implemented the sharia law, and it causes mess (?). I read about it in Indonesia Matters.

I read 40% moslems want to apply sharia law in UK. I'm not sure whether they include moslem outside Birmingham, or whether they ask other moslem nations, not merely Pakistanis or Arabs. Perhaps they should go to Indonesian embassy to try to locate Indonesian moslem communities in UK, we could have totally a different opinion.

mukuge said...

I like having the option of being able to walk around in sleeveless garments when it's hot and humid... if inadvertently exposing my underarms count as being improperly dressed. so for me it's a no.

is this legible enough an argument?

johnorford said...

marsha & anita,

don't u think it's kinda worrying that muslims in the uk media are either a) possible terrorists or b) 100% devout wahabbi-like peeps?

my dad for example believes that muslims are mainly (b). i reckon the archbishop also thinks muslims r generally (b).

this leads to weird and bizarre arguments in the uk, which ignores that muslims i know are actually not all that robotically religious...

amellie said...

Shariah law is being implemented in saudi arabia, and it's always been misused and misinterpret! it's not practical at all.

johnorford said...

thx for the comment amelie, suspect u most about this topic here.