Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Jakartan Apocolypse

1) I saw Cloverfield last wknd (was really good)

2) Therry's comments on how she'd fancy a new start for Jakarta

3) Pals telling me about how flooding wrecked their homes

So the logical question is: how is Jakarta gonna end? (or how would you like it to end? ;))

I personally think a 100 tonne Godzilla trashing Monas might be an idea :)

[Also: are there any apocalyptic Indonesian films out there?]


mukuge said...

ah, love the godzilla. You just reminded me to catch up with megatokyo :D

Dewi Susanti said...

gridlocked and drowned for sure. can't even build anything on top of the carcasses, rusty metals and broken concrete.

Therry said...

I personally prefer to hire a fully-expert assasinator and kill all those corrupt politicians, thus creating terrors amongst themselves.

After that's done, we can elect REAL smart, intelligent people to run Jakarta because I really think there is still a small blink of hope for it to recover.

And the assasinator will still be there of course - watching just in case someone might try to do something funny.

V for Vendetta!!!!

johnorford said...

@dewi: well somehow i suspect in 30 or 40 years time half of jkt will end up like that...

@mukuge & therry: so how about a fully expert godzilla assasinator :) hehehe :):)