Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dork Talk

Surprisingly Stephen Fry has a column all about technology.

He's even mentioned Debian, Seamonkey and GNU in his posts. Wowzers!

In his latest column he mentions the Asus Eee Laptop. It's €300 (~4m Rp) and runs linux.

To me commercially produced computing will have a much better chance of spreading technology throughout the developing world than charitable projects like the OLPC or the Classmate laptops.

Machines like the Asus Eee will come with Linux preinstalled (Linux costs nothing to install). Yes, it's extremely easy to find pirated versions of Windows, but let's face it, how many of you have installed any operating system on your PC from scratch?

Hardware is now almost a commodity, as it's becoming incredibly cheap, software will soon follow with the continuing growth of Linux and open source software.

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