Saturday, July 02, 2011

Love Hate

I just read about how a Saudi diplomat enslaved an Indonesian maid in Berlin.

A German human rights organisation made a good point - human rights should trump diplomatic rights every time.

I started reading the comments next to the article. The commentators are rightfully outraged.

This story comes on the back of several brutal cases concerning Indonesian maids in Saudi Arabia. Torture (girl's faces being destroyed beyond recognition), slavery, rape, death sentences (the accusation was black magic, after a family's son left home).

The place sounds like a hell hole.

Many issues arise which have been written about elsewhere.

One is pertinent to me however, after reading the comments. Many in the west believe Islam is a monolithic religion, which is of course a gross over simplification. For example, Indonesia's Muslims have a love hate relationship with the Middle East. On the one hand, it is the ancient source of Islam on the other it can be the modern day heart of evil, which devours so many young innocent Indonesians.