Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fair Trade Marijuana and Illicit Coffee

I don't drink Fair Trade coffee or smoke marijuana.

I don't hire hookers or go on Fair Trade holidays.

I don't buy People Tree jumpers or fake Rolexes.

When you buy illegal goods and services directly or indirectly you are sucking people into lives of misery.

When you buy Fair Trade directly or indirectly you are saying legal (often reasonable and democratic) practices are immoral.

Last week my lil sis saw a homeless guy getting high on heroin in broad daylight near a café full of well off Free Trade coffee drinkers.

Legal practices can often be immoral, but I rather let citizens of other countries figure that out for themselves. Illegal practices can often be moral, but I'd rather not support the criminal infrastructures that provide those goods and services.

People need to think harder about right and wrong.


David said...

Hi John,
Fair Trade Marijuana? I can't find any reference to any such product on the link you provide.



Denica said...

"People need to think harder about right and wrong."

oh wow this is great.

oigal said...

Interesting take.. I thought I was the only one over here bucking the "Fair Trade Myth"

johnorford said...
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johnorford said...

fairtrade is a fad, am sure in a few years time it'll be shown to be pretty useless.

not to mention the economics, it's broken economically...

Anonymous said...
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