Thursday, July 09, 2009


I woke up today (or was it yesterday) and was listening to the radio (BBC Radio 1).

The news was on (I love Radio 1 news, really punchy) they came to this story (one of those heart dropping ones).

I think I am particularly susceptible to sad stories early in the day (I wonder why?).

This girl in the UK. I think she must have had a boyfriend who was in some sort of gang.

Anyway, this girl (I wonder whether she was she good looking) was fancied by another guy (I wonder what eh thought of her?).

The third party's infatuation must have been somewhat public (or somehow obvious).

The girl met up with the guy that was infatuated with her (what did they talk about? Idle chit chat?).

She brought him to her boyfriend and his gang.

They killed him.

She was sentenced as an accessory to murder.

How utterly tragic that love be so twisted.

(A plot that Shakespeare could have come up with in one of his tragedies...)


delvi said...

aih! why do i have to read this tragedy at this rainy afternoon.

mukuge said...

her picture was plastered over the front page of The Times yesterday.

and alas, it jaded me to comprehend the perpetrators' value system - how I see the actions as grotesque, but also how chilling yet familiar it is to have your rank based on performance.

johnorford said...

del & marsha, yep, depressing indeed

A Feminist Blog said...

ups ...
It does happen everywhere ... not only in Indonesia I mean. :(

A Feminist Blog said...

the story of Romeo and Juliet has been old anyway. :) so I thought it happened in UK only in the old time :-D

johnorford said...

U should remember nana that Romeo and Juliet was set in Italy : ) padova if memory serves me correctly : )