Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Worrying about Genetalia

Pope Benedict is God's representative on earth.

He doesn't like gay people.

This guy loves to think himself as an intelectual. So obviously there's a totally rational reason for his homophobia.

It's genius, we never heard of this before, don't panic, but it's er... **HUMAN EXTINCTION**.

Shite!! It's the big one.

If only we had some totally non camp James Bond to save us from our gays. I.e. more Timothy Dalton than Roger Moore.

So there you have it, the world is turning gay, be afraid. Be very afraid.


mukuge said...

it may be the case of bad marketing reps. hee hee, that happens to the kingdom of God, too.

happy Christmas.

johnorford said...

i dunno, b4 hand the previous pope had cardinal ratzinger to do all his dirty work. i think his problem is, he needs a fall guy (and that he doesn't like homosexuality).

tere616 said...

Well, I love my belated Pope, John Paul II but since am Catholic then I have to follow the new Pope, Benedic.

What can I say, am pro to gay, but I can understand his point of view since he is The Pope.

If he says something which is not in the bible than every eyes of "religious" people will look at him with curiousity.

Anyway my attention today :

Merry Christmas John.
Wish you have a wonderful Christmas :-)

johnorford said...

tere, hope u enjoyed christmas also : )

delvi said...

i think i wished u a happy b'day few days ago but it does not appear in your comment box. never mind then, even it has been too late i wish u a very very happy birthday and merry Christmas and early happy new year.

the holy pope just did not know what he was saying i reckon.