Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mixing and Mashing

I think the Forum from the BBC World Service is now my favourite program on my favourite radio station.

It can be hit and miss but it's mostly pretty interesting.

By the way, anyone heard the recent interview by Alan Johnson with Ingrid Betancourt? I think it is the best interview I have heard in a long long time.


Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of BBC too. but not so much with the radio. when i still watched TV, i never missed BBC hard talk. now i live in kampung, we have no BBC.

hope this slow internet will recover soon, can't open the link you gave. mind not, internet kampung :D

Unknown said...

I much prefer the world service to BBC World. Perhaps buy yourself a shortwave radio, it would be well worth it!

Here is the SW frequencies and schedules for Aceh.