Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have been knocked down with a cold / flu virus for the past few days (what's the difference between a cold and the flu actually?).

Two things struck me.

It's been about 3 years since the last time I have been sick, you kinda forget how crappy being sick is.  I have been way too blithe when pals have told me they came down with typhus, dengue, measles or whatnot (really bad stuff).

Viruses are pretty smart.  Cold viruses are all about mind control.  They cause you to sneeze somehow and then find new hosts.  Ingenious.  I wonder how they do that?


tere616 said...

It's easy, the virus already in your body :-) So it's not difficult to show off to you for a while, especially when you are not in your good stamina.

No medicine for it, drink a lot of water and oj :-)

Wonder how your new year's eve would be if you're stuck with the cold :-)

2008 will vanish soon, here in Indonesia.

Wish you all the best John :-)
May all your dream will come true in 2009 :-)

Thank you for being my blogger friend :-p

triesti said...

do you want the short or the long answer? short one: flu is worst than cold.

cold is more likely giving you runny/stuffy nose and it's not preventable (no vaccine for cold).

do you have fever, tiredness, aches or dry cough? if so, then you most likely have flu. i suggest you wear mask in the plane tomorrow, so you wont spread your virus... Unless you have complication, you dont need antibiotic, just plenty of rest, lots of fluid. chicken soup is great as it's full of iron, and zinc that can cut short the duration of your illness.

i guess you got it, because all of the sudden you are resting after all those long days of work. I've noticed that back in NL.

so, hope you get well trip tomorrow.

and have a healthy, happy & prosperous year ahead.

Delvi said...

hope u get better very very soon john

Christopher Taylor said...

I don't know if you have kids, but then you get caught in a lovely never-ending viral circle ... from children to parents to children and back ...! The joys of parenting. :)

triesti said...

he has 5 kids... ;)

delvi said...

hey john, have u got better?

M said...

bad to hear u r sick, John. be strong in the heart n in d mind, it will help to kill the virus ;)

johnorford said...

hey all, thx for all your kind words. still stuffed up. this things is lingering around unfortunately...