Saturday, December 27, 2008


Every year I seem to get sucked into year end nostalgia. Here's this year's dose.

Best song. Hold on to Yourself, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. From the Dig Lazarus Dig!!! album. Just found out it's about escapologists (messrs. Lazarus and Houdini) based in New York. How fitting.

Best buy of the year. A pair of JVC marshmallow ear-plug-like earphones. They cost about 15 quid. Bought them in Dublin airport before heading off to the R of I on January 1st.

99% of background noise vanishes. I never walk on a plane without 'em now.

Best football match. Persija (Jakarta's biggest football team) v Persipura (from Papua, i.e. straight outta the jungle! ; )). The Persipura 11 were awesome. Eighty odd thousand Jakmania in Gelora Bung Karno were equally awesome though. Indonesian football is a relfection of the place. Once done right, I am sure Indonesian football will be huge! Thing is, it's pretty messed up at the moment. Thanks to the Jakarta Casual for getting me tickets.

I have read a few great books this year, less so now I am in New York and not commuting (I work and live on the same street). Things the Grandchildren Should Know is a book about Mark Everitt, the Eels frontman. I've never been a huge Eels fan, but it doesn't matter, it's mostly about his messed up life, family and how he loved them.

More to come!


Delvi said...

so when will you visit bukittinggi? accommodation shall not be a problem then.

johnorford said...

next time i go to indo, i think i may go to west sumatra. not sure when i'll b in indo next tho...

Tata said...

What??? U watched PERSIJA vs PERSIPURA???

Oh my dear John... I always look for company to watch PERSIJA, but no one wanted to! =( And I'm not dare enough to watch it by myself... If only I knew u watch the match... Hwuaaa.....

*my last live football match was Indonesia vs Singapore on AFF cup.. And I watch it all alone...all by myself... ^o^*

johnorford said...

tata, I didn't really u were such a big football supporter!

but do u support persija? surely psis, no?