Saturday, November 01, 2008


I got an iMac recently. And shock horror, I think I got some kinda virus!!

(maybe I still have it, but I seemed to have cured the symptoms for now...)

What it did was was change the DNS settings, which meant evertime i tried to login to gmail or Google it would redirect me to a site called wsearch.

Nice... Really nice....

I fixed it by manually setting up my network settings - deleting the automatically inserted dns entries and lookup domains, and entering sane ones.

I gotta switch back to Linux soon!! : )


Brett said...

Weird. I have never had any problems after 4 years of Mac.

johnorford said...

well... i reckon i downloaded one or two dodgy pieces of software that might've done it.

still with mac's growing popularity, it'll become a more tempting target for virii writers etc.

linux is still thankfully niche enough to be safe! : )

Anonymous said...

just your luck, hairy!