Sunday, November 16, 2008

Artificial Holy People

Don’t hang on exclusively to any particular creed so that you disbelieve the rest, or you will disregard much that is good and miss the real Truth. Allah is omnipotent and omnipresent and is not contained by any one religion, for he says in the Qur’an “Wherever you turn, there is the face of Allah”

Ibn Arabi

[from Tere]


Anonymous said...

ibn arabi was a sufi. if u want to read his books, there are plenty that has been translated into english. I think I have one.

then u could compare his view to meister eckhard.

Unknown said...

who is meister eckhard?

Anonymous said...

german catholic mistic.. they were contemporaries.

his explanation of holy trinity is also interesting. also got one of his book

Unknown said...

ahhhh. sound slike something i should steer clear of.

Anonymous said...

I am not into isms but love the quote and the idea. Have some stuff from the Ibn Arabi Society too - very good. Ibn Arabi is the top man and I think also reckoned women and men had same spiritual potential and he had women teachers. As it happens also seen some Meister Eckhart (It does end in t) and his sermons, esp. the one on poverty of spirit are good -not at all Christian, very much one reality. Arabi was known as the greatest master by the Arabs and Eckhart as Dr Maximus by the Christians- ie the same name basically. x Stuart (in England).

Unknown said...

hey stuart, thx for the comment.

i reckon these ppl are important because they tell us something about humanity not divinity. maybe that's just the atheist in me talking ; )

triesti said...

oh come on.. admit it.. u r closet catholic/protestant :P

stuart thanks for correcting me.

Anonymous said...


I guess Ibn Arabi said that to understand God, one shud have the women quality in him/her self first. Because most of Allah's characters are feminine. But in the end, the core value of the statement was that one whud have balance woman and man character in one's self to fully be with/in God.

Triesti, i steal ur Christian gnostic reference, thanks! :D