Wednesday, November 05, 2008

African American?

Obama is as much white Kansan as African American.

Post election that's all I hear, the first African American President.

Big deal, get with the program, we have a white Kansan / African American president now, stop guffawing.

Obama is American pure and simple, in fact he sums up American aspirations like few others.

How effective a president will he be? Only time will tell.


reslian said...

oh please john ... dont be too cynical ;-). maybe he's just another american. and that guy has a lot to prove. true that!

but i guess there's nothing wrong to take time to appreciate this as a big leap of mankind. not so long ago, he would have been just another slave there.

i dare not imagine the similar thing would happen in indonesia anytime soon.

later, we could then condemn him as we did to bush should he falls short of our expectation ... haha ...

johnorford said...

it is great. but basically colour doesn't matter a great deal in the grand scheme of things/ let's hope for all our sakes he does a good job!!