Saturday, November 29, 2008

Counting Yogi

Yoga has been banned by Muslims for Muslims in Malaysia.

I for one agree that Yoga should be banned, it's a corrupting influence on Islam from an alien civilisation.

Now that Malaysian Muslims have banned so much fun (and corrupting) stuff let's get past the frivolous things.

Let's ban Hindu numbers [the numerical system we use today]. This is an old chestnut, the numbers we use today were adopted by Caliph al-Mansur (i.e. well after the Koran was written).

It's a no brainer, the Koran doesn't say they are Halal, so let's play it safe, let's ban them and go back to something really old and safe, Roman numerals (taqlid is so hip nowadays and ijtihad has been out of vogue since about the 12th century).

"Roman" [papist] numerals not too good either, eh?

OK, let's scrap numbers altogether. They only distract us from praising God, counting with our fingers should suffice (unless your local Shariah court decides to chop some off that is).


Tata said...


dramaqueeningrum said...

actually John, I had just read an article in someone's blog about that matter. Apparently, it's not the Yoga that the Malaysian Government banned, but it's the mantras and spiritual aspects of it. So the exercise is OK in a way.

but still, this post of yours is hilarious! ;p

had just found your blog. Happy blogging! =]

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I haven't been here for a while. But yeah, hilarious post.

Let's ban visiting Borobudur Temple and sesajen in every crossroads in Bali too. Let's ban watching wayang. How if we ban those idiots who could even come up with such thing?

johnorford said...

Drama, whatever the subtlties of the law is, the spirit of the law is all wrong...

Anita, welcome back! : )

Banning idiocy, sounds about right.