Saturday, March 01, 2008

New York!

I'm heading to New York this Summer! A big thanks to my boss for agreeing to the transfer.

IFS StateStreet is a great company to work for. My colleagues are professional but easy to get on with. I really appreciate that, especially when I hear about the experiences of some of my pals at their companies / universities.

I just hope they have decent Indonesian food over there. Anyone know of any good Indonesian restaurants in NYC? There's gotta be at least one Warteg in New York, right?

Also, I reckon it'll take about same time for me to fly from New York to Indonesia, as it does from Dublin (fewer connections).


Anonymous said...

Hey, You got it!! Congrats!

Unknown said...

yep :) thanks!

Therry said...

oh.. I heart New Yorkkk

Jenny Quld said...

I have never been to New York, i am really looking forward to hearing all about it!
How long till you go?

Unknown said...

apparently it's augustish, wouldn't mind earlier tho :)