Saturday, March 29, 2008

Batak Mythology

I know lots of Batak people (why do I know so many Batak people, I wonder).

This is a nice article on Batak mythology.

It also reminds us that we really do originally come from the stars (a scientific fact).

Think about that, every /one/ of us came from the stars.



David said...
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johnorford said...

I should'v been more clear about my "everyone comes from stars" statement. Actually that's an understatement -- /everything/ we see comes from stars.

After the big bang the universe was full of hydrogen in fairly uniform densities.

Some places however were slightly denser than others which gravitationally pulled in more helium and hydrogen.

Slowly clouds were formed, and then stars. In stars hydrogen is fused into helium, and helium fuses into carbon and heavier elements.

The same thing is happening nowadays.

This page is pretty good if you want to read more.

David said... must've got in just as I was deleting my comment. But anyway, thanks for the clarification and the link.


mukuge said...

well, if that's the physics behind matter formation, then it makes some sense to say we're stardust ;)) oooh.

Anonymous said...


I heard lately that the Batak Toba People is the Jew. I have been searching many literature that prove the statement but nothing I got as of now.
Did you ever heard such statement???


johnorford said...

that sounds highly dubious. but 70,000 years ago there were only 2,000 humans on earth, so hey we're all related if we go back far enough!! :)