Sunday, March 09, 2008


Things are looking up for Malaysia and Pakistan. Hopefully there are solid grounds for hope this time!.

I am reading Jung Chang's Mao: The Unknown Story at the moment. It's a very tough read, Jung Chang's writing style is easy going, but reading about a character who has few morals and no redeeming features is hard going. This article however is a nice one about selflessness, humanity and hope in a country which had so little at that time.

There is a big campaign against cocaine at the moment in Dublin. Posters everywhere telling us how bad coke is for your health. Strange how hard drugs and hard drinking is still so popular in a puritanically health conscious society.

However as ever, the point is missed. Illegal drugs fuel slavery just as exotic good fueled it in the 18th century.
... the impact on Africa of Europe's cocaine habit an echo of that of slavery. 'In the 19th century, Europe's hunger for slaves devastated West Africa. Two hundred years later, its growing appetite for cocaine could do the same.'
Reminds me of another public campaign here last year. The equality authority had slick posters up everywhere "marketing" equality in the workplace. The fact is religion, skin colour, sex, language and culture pale into insignificance compared to place of birth.

Where you are born is the biggest determinant of whether you will live a decent life or not. The Irish government will treat you like filth if you arrive in Ireland without the right papers, and it will feel very good when it disposes of you back into poverty in Africa, Asia or where ever.

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