Sunday, May 06, 2007

'We'll Bankrupt You'

Up to 6 Premiership clubs are threatening to bankrupt West Ham Utd, because they have illegally fielded 2 players this season.

One of them, Carlos Tevez, is in the process of singlehandedly securing West Ham's survival from relegation (worth a cool $120m).

The Premier league fined West Ham $10m dollars last week, but didn't deduct any points (which would almost certainly relegate West Ham).

The six clubs are looking to bankrupt West Ham by sinking them in millions of dollars of legal fees.

These sort of tactics are common in business all over. Businesses may not be able to out compete another, but they may have enough cash to bankrupt a competitor with legal fees.

Oh, and bankruptcy comes with a mandatory 10 point deduction in the English leagues.

Maybe clubs will increasingly look to win off the pitch, rather than on the pitch.

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