Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tag Line of the Year!

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read it in English, thank a soldier.


Denica said...

betting on who's gonna win the coming election, mr orford?

oigal said...

Well I hope its the Labour Party because I am selfish bastard and at the moment with the lowest unemployment for 30 years and the best the economy has been in a generation, my US Dollars gets a realy suck exchange rate.

Its a monty that if the Labour Party and its Union/Welfare hacks get into power that will soon change (kinda sad for the poor bastards who won't have job but hey..)

... ok Just kidding..A Labour win(A misnomer) would be an unmitigated disaster!

mukuge said...

why thank a soldier when you can read the lines in English? :o (just one of my annoying questions)

johnorford said...

@Denica; actually i had no idea that that line had something to do with aussie politics per se... i think i'll keep to RI politics - much more fun!

@Oigal; LOL! only problem with a labour win would be more Aussies flooding the RI English teacher labour market!! :P

@Mukuge; not sure about how it is meant in the Aussie context, but I imagine it has to do with English colonialism. I can't speak my own language (Irish) for example (English definitely has it's plus points, but it's at least kinda embarrassing that I can't speak my own language).

David said...

The soldier thing, actually, when encountered in Australia, it's more of a verging-on-ultra-nationalist slogan in reference to Australian soldiers who 'saved' us from being occupied by the Japanese in WWII.
Whilst I think our soldiers put in a heroic effort,I think a multitude of other factors had more to do with our freedom to speak English.


oigal said...

Agreed, its more of Nationalist tag line.

An indonesian version could be "if you can read this thank a teacher, if you can read in Bahasa thank a soldier"

That being said, the blog I find interesting but it is very right wing...

johnorford said...

David & Oigal,

Thx for that - I seemed to have jumped a bit further back on the timeline :)