Sunday, May 13, 2007

SeXXX Laws

Last week this made me stop to think.

Your young daughters are raped, so then you force the /rapists/ to marry your daughters. Because your daughters are "soiled" and otherwise unmarriable.

This begs the question: what happens if a father rapes his own daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That reminds me of a case in Aceh where some police officer was caught in a "passionate embrace" with a lover.

Aceh has quite strict Sharia laws - the officer was desperate to get off without a bloody caning etc - so he claimed that this lover was a cousin.

Is it better to make love with cousins than unrelated people in Aceh? What about closer relatives? -- surely that'd be even /more/ legal?


oigal said...

ah Aceh...The province of reason in an insane world

David said...

Not quite related, but I was just discussing this in the office with a fellow expat - that in Indonesia incestuous 'relationships' seem to be in plague proportions. By that I mean, cases where men take to forcing themselves upon their female relatives - cousins, sisters, nieces, etc (not necessarily 'all the way' but close enough); and it is simply swept under the carpet.

johnorford said...

oigal: the first part referred to palestine.

david: well indonesia isn't unique in the respect. catholic ireland has had more than it's fair share of rape, incest and abuse down through the years.

David said...

True, which means that there is hope that in this country eventually attitudes will change and things come out in the open and be dealt with . I also made your very same point with my expat colleague.

MAY'S said...

John, if u ever come to another places that so faaaar away from city u will found many chases like that..
and the problem , real problem is because of the minus of education here in our country..
nice to see u in this blog..

johnorford said...

Hi may's thx for the comment!

I am not sure education is the problem. And I am not sure whether things are worse in the countryside.

Hmm, it's hard to say cos it's all kep underwraps -- therefore i would suggest sexual conservatism is the main cause of the problem. (Having said that I am not a big fan of the sexual liberalism in Germany and Japan for example...)

ctrlz said...

Same thing, I also disagree if we blame uneducated people for every bad side in our country..poor them, they don't have money to come to school or to get better education, they don't even have money what to eat for tomorrow..
I think it's just because of social life, lack of information, knowledge, conservatism and misperception..