Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Looks like a great movie, and Jakarta Casual's write up ain't bad either.

Hopefully I'll get to see it!!


triesti said...

you'd better brush up your bahasa Indonesia, John. Dont think they have it with subtitle in Jakarta.

Jakarta Casual said...

you think they only put the subtitles on for youtube???!!!

it s been shown at film festivals all round the world, course it s in english :)

i m seein the guy today john and try and sort you a copy!

triesti said...

jak casual,
I could only watch Indonesian movies with subtitles at film festivals or arty cinema/tv abroad.
Have trouble getting VCD/DVD/ whatever in Indonesia with subtitles (not even for Indonesian subtitles for deaf people). Good that you can hook John out.

johnorford said...

hey thanks jakarta casual! that'd be brilliant!!