Saturday, January 13, 2007

Project Indonesia

In the "Trillion Dollar Bill" episode of The Simpsons, Fidel Castro is in a meeting with his top generals.

Fidel: "What are we gonna do? Cuba is bankrupt! What are we going to do?"

Generals : [Shrug, look at each other] "I dunno..."

Fidel : "Well we all knew this Communist bull wasn't going to fly, get me President Clinton on the phone"


I amaze many Indonesians by my interest, optimism and love for Indonesia, it's weird - but I am weird ;) - especially as many of them seem to be concerned with escaping from RI (notable exception is Risma :)). Objectively though, by many (most?) measures, the Republic of Indonesia is failing.

I wonder if it'll ever come to the stage when an RI prez says, "hey we tried, gave it our best, we all knew this Pancasila kleptocracy wouldn't fly, let's pack up and go home".


Achmad's comments on an Unspun post about Buleh are partly good insight, mainly disgusting racism.


Mohamad Mova Al 'Afghani said...

Hey, I haven't watch that episode... Tell me, what is your biggest optimism when it comes to Indonesia?

johnorford said...

"Hey, I haven't watch that episode..."

It's a classic - hunt it down :)

"Tell me, what is your biggest optimism when it comes to Indonesia?"

The ordinary people, they amaze me.

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