Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Migration Watch

A group called Migration Watch published a survey which hit the headlines in the UK today (it made me want to puke).

It says:

1) Migrants contribute 4p per person to the UK's GDP.
2) Migrants set £10 million a day back to their home countries.

I say, bring in more migrants!

1) 4p is better than nothing.
2) That £10 million per day is probably the best type of "aid", directed where it's needed most, and earned through hard work.
3) The migrants might otherwise be un(der)employed at home, and it's great that they have a chance to improve their family's lives.
4) Homogenous societies (e.g. the Ireland I grew up in) are stodgy and boring.

In the last 10 years Ireland has had an explosion of immigrants. In my experience they are more industrious than Irish workers as they appreciate having the chance work in Ireland much much more. Giving people the opportunity to work and make something of their lives is /the/ most positive aspect of Ireland's Celtic tiger economy.

[It's kind of ironic, because Ireland has been notorious for emigration -- the Irish diaspora make up much of Britain's, Austrailia's and America's populations]

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