Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby Subsidy

Germany has begun to heavily subsidise babies, obviously all the gratuitous porn didn't work.

Parents will be subsidised up to two thirds of their salaries for up to a year when their baby is born. All in all they can receive up to €25K a year.

What a spectacularily German solution to low birth rates!

Canada has a much more sensible way of solving low birh rates, they import people. Which is good because:

1) Foreigners can enjoy life in Canada (it's a lovely country)
2) Canadians can choose who comes in, whereas those unborn might be little urchins
3) Less possibility of an over supply of babies (I wonder whether the population of German orphanages will increase?)

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Tika said...

Indonesians should migrate to Canada I don't know about germany, never lived there, but I grew up a little in Canada, it is a beautiful country.