Sunday, January 28, 2007

Japanese Baby Machines (Fertility, Part I)

This will be an ongoing series of posts about fertility and immigration.

I will expose the stupidity (and the latent racism) of those policy makers who actively incentivise their citizens to produce babies and increase their nation's fertility - when there are more than enough people from developing countries willing to be constructive, exemplary citizens.

No, Japanese scientists haven't come up with a new ingenious way of producing babies, the Japanese health minister called Japanese women "Baby Machines", I'd love to know what reaction it has caused over there.

[Here is part 0 of this fertility series]


DeniCaa said...

ewhat. the.

if they boasted to the world that they can create human-like androids, why in the name of are they being so damn ignorant and provocative. here's a term from an economic superpower.

baby machines?

are they trying to impress the society by using a technical name?


johnorford said...

yeh, it is completely loopy.

hopefully that minister will be forced to resign and another line in the sand will be drawn (like in Indonesia with polygany recently).