Monday, September 20, 2010

I looked into the Lens God's Eye...

... and the great Nikkor smiled.

Here's what I just wrote my Dad.


On 20 September 2010 20:03, John Orford wrote:
B&H weren't much help, too big, scale guy was clueless - and initially guffawed at me bringing the thing back after so long. I said I thought they repaired cameras and only wanted some idea of my options. He did recommend going across the street to a camera repair shop though.

The repair shop was Canon only, and recommended me to go downtown - unfortunately they close at 6 so I went back down hearted.

I rang Nikon however, and they said they would honour the 5 year warranty (even though I didn't apply for it within 10 days of purchase). As you can imagine, I was pretty ecstatic and I think the woman on the other end of the phone was pretty happy for me too! : ))

Then I found the old receipt, almost completely faded in my wallet. I think I will go back to B&H and ask for a new copy - they are pretty good at keeping everything on file by customer.

I feel like having a celebratory whiskey now! : )


triesti said...

YAY.. did you also have consoling whiskey when it happened? :D

johnorford said...

I did not - too busy. Maybe when they return my repaired lens : )

amellie said...

So, have u got them back? :)

johnorford said...

Nope, still waiting on word from Nikon...