Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Back Home

Indonesians go home for the end of Ramadhan, Christmas and for whatever other religion's family-get-together-holidays.

It just so happens I too find myself at home in Ireland during the end of Ramadhan.


I got stuck under a big old tree in a heavy sun shower today.

The silvery rain splashed and spluttered down.

The street empty, the sun shining.

Ireland has some of the prettiest rain around.


Happy Leberan!


triesti said...

consult your dictionary, will ya..

johnorford said...

left it in nyc missus : ))

spew-it-all said...

I've been away for 8 years and bizarrely enough as someone who was brought up in a strict catholic family, Lebaran and the sound of adzan are two things that i miss.

johnorford said...

Adzan - that's a new one for me.