Monday, September 06, 2010


Southpark predicted all this sh%^ exactly!

Turns out that when you deactivate your Facebook account, all your Facebook friends think you're deleting them individually, causing a lot of tut tutting among those I don't see often.

Argh!!! Facebook!!!! You won this time! Grr.


David said...

You can reactivate it and everything will return to normal (meaning, deactivating doesn't delete anything - Facebook keeps it ALLL!!)

But at least the tut-tutting will stop, then you can announce to all and sundry that you intend to delete yer account.

Soooooo, I was wondering why my friends tally went down by one, again :-)

johnorford said...

yeh - i my last fb blurb was about quitting, but obviously not too many people actually read it. no reactivation for me, definitely not.

Lulu said...

I can understand how facebook can take control over someone's life. I am still having my fb running, so far so good. Thanks for dropping by to my site, and sharing your insight!
Come again anytime!

johnorford said...

Lulu, likewise, thanks!