Thursday, June 25, 2009


I remember moving to Germany when I was 18. For the first few weeks my life was in a state of flux, it was exciting but I craved routine, lo and behold it came in time.

Same thing when I came here. Now I have a routine I need to mix things up a bit.

What I have been thinking of doing is break my routine up by adding a new routine for a week.

So a few weeks ago I blogged every day for 7 days.

The week after that I messaged a new person on this dating website everyday (not too successful).

I am looking for a new routine for next week. Perhaps starting work at 7:30 as I used to in Dublin (but there I had to wake up before 6, here I could wake up at 7:25 and still get into work on time ; )).

Any suggestions for routine busting routines are welcome! : )


A Feminist Blog said...

No idea, John. But hoping you can find one by yourself as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your day. :D

Amanda said...

Oh....I need ideas for breaking the routine too!!! LOL!

How about being a vegetarian for a week? Unless you already are one...

johnorford said...

nana, thx for the kind words!

amanda, yeh i "turn" veggie every so often... mayb i should again. it's like a type of detox for me...

mousharilla said...

How about random good deeds to random strangers?

Its this thing that was started by a listener of a radio show I listen to.. Basically he kept an eye out for strangers in need of help, be it an old lady crossing a street, or someone looking for coins.. Whatever.. And he helped them out.

It sounds easy, but I tried it and it was so much harder than it sounded. (Especially in Indonesia where people are generally suspicious of strangers!)

But it was an interesting week!

johnorford said...

well... new york is the same as jakarta in that respect... ppl can be pretty cynical... that's the thing i don't like about big cities... grr... did u write up anything about your experiences during that week btw?

Anonymous said...

COME TO IRELAND! That will shake up your routine cos you'll have to deal with being jet lagged the week after.

Also, you should take up jogging again. Do it everyday for a week now that your work is less crazy.

johnorford said...

yeh i need to start joggin again, and talk about doin it less