Friday, June 05, 2009

Agony Aunt

It is Friday night. I am drunk.

Unfortunately the new iPhones are not available yet, otherwise I would be tapping up this post while holding up a bar somewhere in deepest darkest Manhattan.

Not to worry. Luckily I came home in fact, to sort out the love lives of the women in my life.

My roomie got a random phone call from an ex colleague asking her out. She did not know what to do, I picked up her phone and told him that I would gladly meet him at a local gay bar.

I wonder if he is there now. Do not worry, I am not in the least bit tempted! : )

Then a pal (pretty cute to boot!) hailing from Jakarta asked me what she should do about her cheating boyfriend. After much humming and hawing I booked her on a flight over here next week.

I am the best relationship problem solver I know, quick to the point, no beating about the bush with me. So much so, that I have decided to start an agony aunt feature on my blog, shoot me some emails about your relationships and I shall fix you up quick sharp (in the strictest confidence of course).


Lilla said...

Hey, Agony Aunt! how come i didnt get a booked ticket to fly over there from you when i broke up with Pim??? ;)

johnorford said...

uh, cos u didn't happen to pop into my mind when i was half drunk have dreaming... : )