Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Sis

Hello again.

I walked home from Alphabet City tonight.

It must've taken an hour or more to get all the way down to the financial district where I live.

Most of the way, I was walking through China town. My favourite part of the city. Restaurants and other miscellanea open 24 hours a day even in the most deserted parts of China town. Nice to think that you can order crab live from the tank, that will be served fresher than you are after a night out.

My sister Skyped me today. She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. At times she broke into tears, she was telling me that she stayed the same but asked why wasn't he the same.

Having a little experience of break ups myself, I suggested a few things, trying the be the best big brother I could be. I am not sure whether it will be of any help, I am not sure how helpful words are when dealing with one of the most painful events you can go through.

Between you and me though, in truth I look up to my small sister (a whole 9 years younger than me). She's a very together, tough, smart and genuinely nice girl (niceness is too often underrated); I am sure this break up will only maker her tougher, smarter and a better person in the long term. In the mean time I feel her pain.

My brains are swimming through beer. Night.


Lita said...

well, I'm joining the club then

delvi said...

been there a year ago. yet it was me who did not stay the same he he. sorry for your sis but loads of lads are out there (usual failed solace dear).

Unknown said...

welcome to the club lita!

delvi, u r not in our club, then! : P

delvi said...


Nana Podungge said...

In my case, several years ago, I changed. He stayed the same. :)

Unknown said...

all this changing... i always stay exactly the same!

Nana Podungge said...

oh ... :)