Sunday, September 28, 2008

New York

Been in New York almost a week.

It's a much more laid back and friendlier city then I thought it would be.

Things are also smaller than I imagined. More bitesize than I imagined. I like it.

Just hope I get my own flat soon!! : )


Anonymous said...

yay! good luck with flat hunting.. but u still need to get that laptop first!

The Dodo said...

woa john ure in NY already? wow hows everything? tell me tell me tell meeee :)

Rob Baiton said...

What is it that you are going to be doing? If you posted the details before just point me in the right direction with a link and I will read that post.

Good luck with the flat hunting. I have a couple of friends in NYC studying and working and other things.


I would like to live in NYC for a while some time in the future.

Lita said...

you are moving to NY?? Really??