Friday, October 17, 2008

New York 2

So last time people were astonished that I am in New York now. None more so than myself.

What am I doing? Working a hell of a lot. I am a financial risk analyst, so business is very good at the moment.

I am also eating too much take away food, in the office.... Not soul food, definitely not good for the soul...

Plus I am in the enviable position of having an apartment on 5th Avenue (soon to be given up, it's a corporate place) and a place off Wall Street at the moment. Still find it weird to be here...

I know so little about New York and the US in general, lots to learn and figure out!!

Hopefully I'll post up some pictures of last wknd's trip to San Francisco soon also, keep your eyes peeled! : )

1 comment:

triesti said...

def. want to see those pix.. plus the pix of ur 5th ave & downtown apts.