Saturday, June 14, 2008


Probably cos I'm a clueless, well off Westerner, but one of the reasons I love Indonesia is that it makes me feel more alive.

There's more pain there, but also a lot of happiness. It seems that there's more life.

This post reminded me of that.


Anonymous said...

same here. seeing scavengers on buses or children on the corner of the streets broke my heart, but made me feel blessed for whatever i had. it even stimulated me to think what have i done for the betterment. and then it gave me motivation to do better and better, for myself and for others. that's how i felt about Indonesia.

in Europe, life is so well organized. people complain easily over simple discomforting service they receive.

i think life like this is very nice, but less meaningful (not meaningless).

johnorford said...

yeh true. altho this is cynical, often the link between reflection and thinking about make things better is not that strong with actually doing better...

Marisa said...

You don't sound clueless enough.

Nice to know that there is something in life that makes you feel alive, be it a country or anything else.

johnorford said...

marisa, i'm a good bluffer!