Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gang Warfare at Citos

All of the above aside, one item which worried me was the fact that one of Jakarta’s busiest Malls was the site of a gangland turf war with members of “Basri” and a rival gang “Milton” hammering it out with each other in Cilandak Town Square, otherwise known a CITOS.

Samurai Swords, Cleavers and other assorted weaponry were used as what was termed a gathering at the Brew & Co Cafe to celebrate their peace agreement erupted into a scene from Apocalypse Now.



Dilligaf said...

Glad you enjoyed... Still a little concerning considering the circumstances leading up to the event.

tere616 said...

Are you in Indonesia right now ?

Well ... at least you learn something before you join our lovely FPI :-D

johnorford said...

Dilligaf, yeh the circumstances leading up to the brawl are disturbing. But that Indonesian Police for you! I wouldn't expect anything less.

Tere, nope I'm in Ireland. That's why I can laugh at these things I suppose. No willingness to join the FPI either :):)

milk.tea.girl said...

thieves roam certain malls (one that my office building is in) and security personnels aren't willing to do much about it; it's better to settle things "peacefully" and let thugs and victims go their own way, that's what i heard.


plus the whole riffraff of 'to disband or not to disband' FPI is a big joke ..

johnorford said...

really? well good to see that the outside world can reach into the heart of the mall world!!