Saturday, June 28, 2008


I hate Cds.

They take up way too much space.

They're garish 80s throw backs.

Audiophiles hoard 'em. They say they love the artwork. Hello?!? The "artwork" is postcard sized. And most sane ppl only look at the artwork when u buy the thing anyways.

When you got a lot of CDs it's often quicker to download a particular song than searching through your CDs.

They're expensive!

A lot of albums got a lot of fillah, which puts you off listening to the whole album.


therry said...

This is spooky. I just made a favourite tunes thingie for my blog and I wanted to put the songs from the CDs I owned but couldn't be bothered to rip them all so I downloaded them from Limewire!

Don't forget that CDs collect dusts too. Gah!

johnorford said...

ah forgot that one!