Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pig Racing Protest Against Mosque

After reading repeatedly how Islamic radicals in Indonesia are endeavouring to take religious bigotry to new levels, it's refreshing to know that Texan Christian bigots are rising to the heights set by their Muslim brothers by creative means.

Locals of Katy, Texas are protesting the building of a new mosque by racing pigs around the proposed site.


The Institute for Ecosoc Rights said...

Hi, this post are partly the repressed conscience of many under-represented Indonesian. Thanks.

johnorford said...

hey i know only a few of the dumbest indonesians cause trouble for other faiths -- same with texans i am sure :)

Saroora said...


are you a muslim??

johnorford said...

No, I am not Muslim, but I am v interested in all things Islam.

What does "Al Hamdurillah" mean? (on your blog profile)