Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life and Fate's Whims

Sunday morning. I accidentally stumbled upon this elegy for Morgan Mellish, an Australian journalist based in Indonesia.

Morgan was flying from Jakarta to Jogjakarta. He was booked on Indonesia's most accident prone airline (Adam Air) but generously, Australian embassy officials offered him a ticket on Indonesia's safest carrier, Garuda. The Garuda plane crashed on landing and Morgan died in the crash.

Condolences to those that loved Morgan. He sounds like a truly inspiring, vibrant person.


This weekend I have been pondering quietly to myself about my own life. There has been nothing whimsical about my current thinking, it has to be calculated, I can't make a mistake.

But a nerve was hit when I read about Morgan Mellish.

How awe-full, complex, subtle and intricate causation can be.

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