Sunday, March 18, 2007

18 Songs

I'll send these songs (either by email or by post on CD) to anyone who cares to ask for 'em.

They sum up where I'm coming from (although not where I'm going to!).


Denica said...

may i have 1?

Devi said...

err.. I was wondering what media player you are using on that pic. :p

Surprise surprise.. I don't know all that songs (never heard it)! LOL.

johnorford said...

Denica, yeh sure, just tell me whether u'd like them posted (i have bad experience with indo postal service...) or emailed one by one to your inbox...

Devi, the media player is called "Amarok", by far my favourite media player.

it's only on linux at the mo, will be coming out for osx and windows later this year - keep an eye out for it :)

johnorford said...

"Surprise surprise.. I don't know all that songs (never heard it)! LOL."

where have u been? living under a rock??? :P

miund said...

Johnny Cash?

Hm. I must be getting really old to even be aware of his name. LOL!!

Great playlist, tho. I'm surprised to see somebody with Super Furry Animals in their media player. I thought I'm the only one. But I've never really like their songs except for 'Juxtaposed With You'. And the U2 selection... talk about something not many people know about.

An excellent taste, John. And glad I found this blog :)


Devi said...

Na-ah. Probably just not my kinda music :p

Denica said...

johnn i love the'hello tomorrow' <3