Monday, January 31, 2011


Would you date a person of a different race? A different creed? A different sex? Different politics?


I've been thinking of the intersection between people's views on society and their views on being intimate, loving someone.

What does the choice of partner (or self-imposed restrictions) say about you? What does it tell you about your culture?


Bean said...

It tells me I'm a lone wolf. At least until I properly begin date year, 2011.

Anonymous said...

I think, in every relationship, each has to adapt to the other, in a healthy proportion. Not too much, because that would mean giving up too much of yourself. I don't think a relationship could last, if one doesn't really understand the other, let alone adapt the view. I'm married to a man of a different race. But the same creed. And I have studied his language in his country :) So... What does it tells me about my culture? Nothing, I'd say. Nothing. I'm quite detached from my culture.

Denica said...

It tells me that doing so requires you to realize and cross the psychological borders that your brain inherently imposes on your everything.

johnorford said...

Lone wolf: yeh that's the problem when you're a bit of a weirdo ; ) oooonly kidding!!

Anon: why are you detached from your culture? Maybe you are a freer spirit than your culture would normally allow...

Denica: many people never cross those borders though.