Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I quit beer for 2010. A year of hard liquor has done me well. I've found a new appreciation for whiskey - although I can't say the same for much else. I am Irish after all though.

I also quit the Beatles, which was good, cos I am sure I'll appreciate them much more now.

Unfortunately, looking at my most listened to chart for 2010 I'm still listening to a lot of old bands. But then again mainly their new albums, so that's probably OK (I won't consult my inner-conscience, too afraid of what it has to say).

On the plus side my 10th most listened to album was Homocide Indonesia's The Nekrophone Dayz, which is all about Indonesian genocide in the sixties (an antidote to too much of The Beatles over the years?) and then there's Kill The Moonlight by Spoon. I haven't the foggiest who Spoon are, so that has to be good, they got be sorta indie-edgey-cool if I have listened to them for a year and still couldn't name a single song, eh?

I quit Facebook last year. Not as a new year resolution, but after a realisation that no one had much interesting to say. It's also refreshing not having someone Facebook you and dispel any mystery when they realise that yes, you too look stupid when drunk.


spew-it-all said...

Geez John my mate, quitting beer is a big deal. Yet, finding novelty in whiskey was an ultimate compensation i believe. I was introduced to whisky by my scottish friends and hooked into several brands such as Jura, Talisker and so on.

I find it really hard to quit beer in Australia as microbreweries are increasingly growing and offering a huge range of ale and porter.

Happy New Year by the way!

Ade Ummu Sarah said...

Just wanna say hi john.. ^_^

Unknown said...

Citu, quitting beer wasn't all that bad actually, will def drink ess from now on!

Ade, hi back missus!

RuKa said...

Hi, gee!! I just saw your comment this year, hehehe
Thanks for your felicitation on my German test!
Happy belated New Year:D
and I noticed you quit facebook? congrats! it is still hard for me to do since some of my friends are not really active e-mailing.,

Unknown said...

Ruka, yeh fb is a distant memory : )