Saturday, June 26, 2010


Recently I complained about being a tad bored. My sister suggested I take up a hobby.

Over the past week or two, I have taken up ironing clothes. It's meditative, in a washing the dishes sort of way.

In any case, the only thing that has been unsettling in my overly tranquil world recently has been a sense of sensory overload. I am one of those people that needs media when I am not engaging with people.

Having breakfast I listen to Irish radio. I listen to podcasts going asleep and walking to the subway. I skim my RSS feeds on my phone while sitting on the toilet. MP3s plug the rest of the silence.

I soak up information throughout the day, and, it doesn't feel good anymore. It's becoming information gluttony.

Maybe that's why I am becoming to love ironing, cooking and washing up.


doyourememberwhomeare said...

hahahaha..oh my God..John..,
you are so funny. I even discuss about your post with my hubby..hahaha.

for people like you, i think it can be very good. i am suggesting the same for my hubby who is as well a gadget freak :D

and i know exactly what u mean, washing the dishes, cooking and ironing are very meditating..

that's why women are generally more mellow and sensitive, they contemplate during the days :)

johnorford said...

hi doyourememberwhomeare,

i have no idea who you might be missus! let me know! : )

mukuge said...

hell yeah, doing the laundry and ironing work for me. It'd be a lot more shattered plates otherwise!

triesti said...

That's one of the reason I love going to silent meditation. No media input/output.