Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kris Dreamin'

October 3rd. Indonesia.

I have only had one day off this year. Scary.

I am thinking about 'doing' Sumatra. Lampung, Padang and Banda Aceh.

Maybe Lhokseumawe too, because the town's name sounds like you swallowed something down the wrong way.

I have been watching the 'Ring of Fire' documentaries about Indonesia by two English monocle wearing toff brothers.

They must have been filmed on a shoe string because the film quality is not the best. They are enjoyable though and they're helping stoke my excitement over heading back to Indonesia again.

The first documentary is about the two brothers sailing in a rickety boat from Makassar to Papua. The old port and the brief glimpses of Makassar they shot way back in the 70s looked familiar.

Interestingly they stopped in South Eastern Sulawesi on the Kendari side and then Buton island. I have heard and seen so little of that part of the country.

I read online that after all of their free wheeling adventures into the wilderness, one of the brothers met his maker when he fell down a man hole here in the US. Crazy.

I saw the other brother sporting an eye patch instead of a monocle. (In one of the episodes he used traditional medicine to cure an eye infection. Poor bloke).

In any case, I have dreamt about being given a powerful kris by a Bugis merchant for several nights in a row now. I suppose I will have to keep dreaming for the time being.


triesti said...

back to banda aceh, huh? this time make sure the schedule before u r off to any island, ok?

who knows maybe u'll get a keris on ur trip.

delvi said...

once u get in padang, call me Okay!