Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Health of Nations

Apparently the wealth of a nation does not not have much of an effect on how healthy its population is, once clean water and sufficient food is taken care of.


I was talking to my mother last weekend about my ancestors. We were looking at the Irish census of 1911, she could tell me where each and everyone of my ancestors were on that night back in 1911.

It is amazing how many stories I have either forgotten or have not heard of.

My great aunt died at boarding school. My great grand father died after immigrating to Australia soon after that night.

Two servants were in our old farm house on that night in 1911.

Early death, immigration and servants. Reminds me of Indonesia.


Being brought up by a loving family and having good friends are two very important factors for longevity and well being.

It is interesting how people get wrapped so up in cramming brain cells full of useless creativity-blowing-education; throw themselves into well-paid-imagination-sucking-jobs; when in fact they should be spending time going down to the pub with their pals or playing with their kids.


delvi said...

"Early death, immigration and servants. Reminds me of Indonesia"
can u elaborate more on this statement of your John?
It sounds like misled war on terror, meddling with other people democracy and multilingualism reminds me of America
he he he

johnorford said...

yeh delvi, u know me, always try to prick a nerve here or there! : )