Thursday, August 28, 2008


Got my US work visa yesterday.

Everything was a breeze. My interview, docs submissions at the embassy took 10 minutes all in all. Then it took a day for them to return my passport.

Ultra efficient.


Started crossing roads here Indonesian style.

Just start walking into the road, arm up. And... am still alive!!! It's good to keep the Indo-road-crossing-skillz up, but probably not good for my long term health ; )


If my last trip to Indo was being adapted for a movie, the theme would b cynicism. Indonesian's are soooooooooo cynical toward each other (or maybe it's just my pals(?)). It's a pity, cos, to be honest in all my times going to Indo, I never had any problems...

Maybe it's like all the people who loudly thanked god for so generously saving them from the Titanic; but of course most passengers died grim deaths. The corpses, unfortunately, couldn't enjoin god's praises.

Nevertheless such high levels of cynicism in any society are very unhealthy, no more trust means no more society, community etc.


Therry has an excellent post up! The best I've read so far from her!


M said...

very true. that's why i dont watch tv. too much drama makes u have prejudice to society.

eh about the Saudi arabia, i wouldn't wana go there too if it's not because of Hajj and Umrah. Crazy.

Brett said...

Indos are no more cynical than the bules here.

Congrats on the visa. A friend took 6 months to get a TOURIST visa, because his first name is Mohammed, I guess.

I don't recommend trying the Indo traffic technique in New Zealand, well not on State Highway 1, Kaikoura. Unnamed friend almost caused a pile-up because she forgot where she was...

triesti said...

well.. u can use that skill in NYC:) but dont use it in SF.

tere616 said...

I think because of your identity and your name.

I bet if your name is Mohammed or Abdullah like what Bret has mentioned, then you will not get your visa within a day :-(

Anyway ... congrats for the Visa

tere616 said...

Oh ... I think cynisism are every where. I've once had an american boss, and every time he shared his view regarding Indonesia, always cynical.

But, I think you're right, we were cynical compare to others, maybe because Indonesian are so tired by the "mambo-jambo" promises.

And too many coincidence that make Indonesian don't believe "the law" which suppose to be the "protecter".

OMG being cynical again :-D

johnorford said...

careful about that cynicism tere!!

yeh suppose many westerners are no different when they get to indo...

Anonymous said...

So, Ireland's most "good" for export is still manpower, then. To be honest, I wouldn't swap Eire for the US. But, congratulation anyway! I think, you should change your profile: "Can't see the forest from the trees". Aye, you can even see people through!

therry said...

Dude, thanks for the compliment... I think I wrote that post in like, 20 minutes or so because I was so, ahem, cynical :P

I've been told by several people that I'm simply too negative and I need to think more positively towards things.

So here's me trying... wish me luck!

johnorford said...

Anon, i don't fully get u! I wanna see more of the world, that's why I'm heading to the US. Staying in Ireland is kinda tedious for me...

Tehrry, I don't believe when ppl say they write great blog posts in such a short amt of time! ;)