Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seks Gratis

Free sex, free sex, free sex. I hear it again and again in Indonesia.

It's interesting, cos although it sounds like an English phrase, but I don't think I've ever actually heard it spoken in Ireland.

So I hereby request all Indonesians, to say something like "seks gratis" instead - my Indonesian is awful, so feel free to suggest a better phrase : ) Seks gratis is an Indonesian hang-up not a Western one, so stop using English to describe it!! : )

Paid-for-sex is actually the more important issue here (because of rather than in spite of this seks gratis taboo). Theoretically I have few problems with prostitution, what I do have a problem with is all the heinous trappings that often come with it. Yet free sex hogs the mind share. Bonkers. Talk about not seeing the elephant in the room.


The Dodo said...

what? the only meaning to 'free sex' that i have come to knw in indonesia is sex without protection, john.

Unknown said...

ah... well then i stand corrected.

how's holland goin? hpe well!

The Dodo said...

hollands g8 :) where are u? ny already?

Elyani said...

The literal translation of free sex in Indonesia is "sex bebas". Gratis is free too but it has a different meaning. Gratis is something like extra with the purchase. For example buy one digital camera, and get the case "gratis", or you get some sweets sample "gratis" when you walk in to the super market.

Sex bebas or widely known as "free sex" is sex outside of marriage. Whether the setting is a one-night stand or sex within a relationship, sex before marriage to some people it should be protected and saved for marriage as God intended.

Unknown said...

ah... thx for that elyani! what's the difference between bebas and merdeka then?

Ninoenn said...

bebas: no limitation
merdeka: independency

Unknown said...

thx for the clarification nurul! : )