Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Morning Trail of Thought

"My family and others were forced out of the house at gunpoint and we walked and walked under the hot and burning sun (100F) for miles and miles with no food or water. Along the road leading us to hell on earth, I saw thousands of decomposed bodies, particularly a very young child trying to get milk from his mother but she died already and he was crying and crying of hunger."

These stories never stop flowing, just as the blood and tears don't dry up.

Indonesia has had it's own massacres of communists, Chinese, Timorese, Acehnese etc.


I remember visiting small churches in and around poor areas in Jakarta just after reading about FPI attacks on such churches. The thing you don't realise is, these "churches" are literally people's homes, they give most of their small homes over to worshippers in their community.

It was a humbling experience.


When I visit Indonesia, I know I can always leave. Most expats keep their foreign passports no matter how long they live in Indonesia, as is their right. But solidarity means little when it's not credible.

I have heard about only a handful of mostly religious men who have given up their western citizenships to become Indonesian. Whenever I read about these westerners I am inspired by their story.

They are the Jedi Knights of Indonesia fans (Indophiles, are India lovers, what's the word for Indonesia lovers?) which mere beginner enthusiasts like me can only ever look up to in awe.


Freedom of movement is important. It is something I believe in deeply.

Perhaps the best way to credibly make that point is by giving that freedom up some day.


Denica said...

nvr really thought about that with my ind passport. inspiring tho. good work, john.

Therry said...

It's ironic that people from other countries care so much about Indonesia and want to give their best, while the government don't even budge at the sight of poverty, malnutrition, flood victim and the election riots.

johnorford said...

thx denica.

therry, i'm not sure whether many ppl from other countries really care so much, i dunno... i suppose a little care helps a lot tho! :)

Elyani said...

As my English friend said, every little drop counts. But I think Indonesia need to start looking at themselves as one people of one nation. A nation that will respect the human rights of all its citizens without regards to religion, and other superficial differences. We love our country dearly, yet looking reality in the face, we must admit that we’ve got problems, very serious problem.

johnorford said...

yeh... blocking youtube and other websites, and not forgetting sending someone to prison for doing a dance and unfurling a flag.

how totally utterly horrid.