Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mosque Internet

Just as mosques all over Indonesia get 224Mbps ultra fast internet connections for dirt cheap, porn websites are gonna be blocked in Indonesia.

I bet Imams all over Indonesia are fuming! At least it looks like they'll still be able to watch Youtube :)


M said...

i chatted with a friend the other day, he is currently the coordinator for media campaign in one strong Islamic group in Indonesia. he also plays important role in familiarizing internet in pesantren.

Interesting, he also thinks that controlling what people consume from internet by blocking sites the way Indonesian government does isn't the wisest way. It's the family function that should be strengthen so minors wouldn't get 'lost' to porn sites or such.

there are part which government should take part and there are area where only small part of society can solve.

johnorford said...

that's the thing, ppl mayb poor, uneducated yadayadayada in indonesia. but (as i repeat ad nauseum) they are not stupid.

govt, should be putting more energy into bringing down rice prices than worrying about porn.

why is it that i find islamic countries more interesting in sex than western countries? (am totally serious!)

M said...

yes yes, i agree.
as for your question, i guess you know the answer ur self..

"because anything good, feels better when it's forbidden"

Have a nice Sunday!

johnorford said...

yeh i agree, i am sure it was the same in ireland when the catholic church was in power :)

rimafauzi said...

To think Indonesians will no longer to watch porn, that got me fuming too!! What a disgrace, Porn should be accessible to all mankind!

Therry said...

indonesia is deprived of sex and all that unchannelled energy results in strange acts, from grandfather raping a grand daughter, a young man raping a grand mother, a teacher sexually harassing 25 of his students, married DPR member hiring a hooker and last but not least, a minister blocking youtube.

I'm still sore when it comes to that particular issue. Obviously.

johnorford said...

yeh, it was the same in ireland a few decades ago...

it all seems to be OK, until u get caught, how hypocritical!