Sunday, December 23, 2007

What is Indonesian?

A pal fumes over Malaysia stealing Indonesia's culture.

Here's a tough question though: tell me one thing that's 100% Indonesian?


spew-it-all said...

I get annoyed actually by this heated-never-ending debate over authenticity of culture. The reason is simply that most ignorant and optuse people (although most of them MIGHT have middle class background and well-educated) are involved in this discussion.

If Malaysia claims gado-gado as their traditional food, i don't give a damn. Curry is traditionally Indian dish but since Indian migrants have been moving to England, the dish becomes sort of national dish. Should they be angry at Brits? Likewise, fish and chips is Brits but Aussies are proud of their non-pickled eggs and mushy peas fish and chips. So what?

I think Indcoup blogged this in his but now his blog seems to be deleted

johnorford said...

yeh i remember that post actually!

what the hell happened to the poor fella? the blogosphere is much poorer as a result.