Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I just bought the Flaming Lip's Embryonic album - it's gotten rave reviews don't you know! (I say this, because as I am listening to it for the first time I don't 'get' it - hopefully it's another Bends or something?)

You know you're becoming old fart when you can't be bothered to surf around and download a pirated album but you surf around for the cheapest legit download.

So here's how much it cost at various sites:

1) iTunes: $11
2) Amazon: $10.49
3) WalMart: $10.00
4) Lala: $7.99

No wonder Lala's just been taken over by Apple. That Lala price translates to E5.50 - a far cry from the 15-18 Euros you used to have to pay at HMV for new albums.

I wonder whether I could've found it any cheaper though - if I looked longer than 10 minutes...

By the way, those who say the music industry is dying are off their rocker. MP3s are purer profit to record labels than CDs ever were.


delvi said...

mmmmmm.....can you bargain in doz site?

Bean said...

Only old farts like you actually buy mp3s, so the music industry gets 0 per cent profit.

Unknown said...

delvi, nope no bargaining

bean, i am not an old fart 9(yet) still some days to go!! : ))

Christine the Bean said...

I have to encourage you to keep listening to that album though, cos it does get a little better with every listen!

Unknown said...

i shall overcome!